A recipe: On Moving



UW Husky Alumni on his way to Indonesia!

This post is particularly about “On Moving” because exactly a month from now, I will be leaving home to start my service as Peace Corps volunteer. As much as I like changes and can quite (I think) thrive in it, moving is a whole different level of a change. This move is not just a simple change, but something that will impact my life greatly–I have a feeling that I am about to have a HUGE SLICE of humble pie. Moving consist of many things, here’s my step-by-step recipe of that almost perfect “Moving to Indonesia for 27mos” dish.*


  • Family and Friends
  • 1 50lbs luggage
  • 1 carry on luggage
  • 1 backpack (optional)
  • 2 resignation letters
  • Things that you think you’ll miss SO MUCH, but won’t get in Indonesia
  • One way ticket to Indonesia (provided by Peace Corps)
  • Passport and Visa (required!)


  1. Spend as much time as you can with your family and friends. There is a big chance that you will not see them for a very long time. So yes, do spend time with them. Do the things you love to do with them. For me, it was eating my favorite food; Korean BBQ, ramen, pho, hotpot, cheesecake, brunch food, etc.
  2. Mix your 50lbs luggage, carry on, and backpack. Try to pack as lightly as possible–in my case, WILL TRY since I probably won’t start packing until my last week. BUT do start collecting things to bring. Put in a corner somewhere in your room/house.
  3. Turn in your resignation letter at least 2 weeks before your intended last day. Not only this let your employer hire someone before you leave, but there’s also a possibility that they will give you a going-away party. I am hoping for the latter.
  4. Since Peace Corps will not give you LOTSA MONEY, yeah…unfortunately you won’t be swimming in Benjamins. I suggest that you ask your family and friends to get you things that can help you survive overseas. For me that would be my favorite Dove antiperspirant deodorant. Buying these things on your own could add up and that is another expenses you really cannot afford anymore, especially right before a big move! SO FAMILY AND FRIENDS, help me I’m poor. *insert puppy-eyes*
  5. You passport and visa is VERY important. Make sure you make a copy of your passport and send it to yourself (on an email) just in case it goes missing. You never know when an electronic copy of your passport would come in handy!
  6. Lastly, mix everything together. Mix in some emotional, mental, and physical stress then you’ve got yourself a “Moving to Indonesia for 27mos” dish!

*taste may vary.


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