A Month to Remember! 

I cannot believe that it has been a month since I have left my beloved Pacific Northwest crisp cool air in exchange for hot humid tropical weather. Though I have only been here for a month I feel like 744 hours was already a lot! 31 days here in Indonesia (as a Peace Corps Trainee) felt like getting hit with a nerf gun on your face; it’s fun but it hurts. It hurts emotionally. It hurts physically. It hurts mentally. 

Okay, so I said that it hurts emotionally. You are probably wondering how. Well, during Pre-Service Training (PST) us trainees are kept busy EV. VERY. SING. GLE. DAY. We are kept busy with our language class, workshops (LINK and HUB), and other family related obligations that we really barely have any time for ourselves to kind of reflect and process everything. Ever since I have gotten here, I have not cried once. Yes I have been sad, but I’ve not cried. At this point (honestly though!) I feel like I have all of these bottled up emotions that I want to let out but I have no one to really talk to. Yes, there are 55 of us trainees but I am sure we all have things to worry about, so why share mine? I wouldn’t want to burden anyone with that! However, this isn’t all bad! You see, I learned that I am strong (even though it hurts) for even coming here knowing the circumstance that I’d face. STRONG: “of great moral power, firmness, or courage.”

Secondly, I am still hurting physically. I mean it’s not bad BUT this whole squatting business, not the business! My knees be crying for help whenever I’d stand up from doo-dooing. Also did I tell you that I bike almost everyday? Riding my bike hurts because my seat is so low that I’m hella hunched. I need to get a massage, but I cannot because we are not allowed by the Peace Corps Medical Office. I don’t know why though. I am physically hurting because I haven’t done routined exercise! We lack of sleep here too. What I learned from this though is PERSEVERANCE. It is steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. 

Lastly, mentally. Peace Corps gives us a very extraneous daily schedule. The only time we get to be free is Sunday, and sometimes that can be taken away from us too! So far we probably have had around more than 100 hours of Indonesian language class. That is a lot I feel like. Fortunately it’s a bit easy for me because of its similarity with Tagalog. It hurts mentally because we have been attending workshops and has been given many many materials to read. We are to retain these information so that we can use them when time comes. What I learned from this about myself is that I am a sponge. SPONGE: a person or thing that absorbs something freely. That is me! I take all these information. Try to squeeze me and I’ll give you information.

My stay in Surabaya and here in Kediri has already taught me so much about myself–and that’s only one month! I still have about 25 months to go. They say that 27 months will come fast, days will be long but that our service will be fast. In Indonesia where being wet is the only constant thing, I’m going to add “learning” on that constant thing. Living in Indonesia to Learn. Learning in Indonesia to Live. Here’s to Indonesia, a place where I’m constricted yet given with so much freedom.

*PS: I don’t know where this post was going, but here it is! LOL. I just need to jibber-jabber I guess.  

Me enjoying the warm rain!


2 thoughts on “A Month to Remember! 

  1. Geo!! We love you and are so proud of you. The greatest lessons you’ll ever learn are the ones where you learn about yourself. You set out to make a difference in this world and you are doing it. Ma lama pono xo


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