Letter of Appreciation (Random Guy!)

This post is for the man that gave me the encouragement to be better, to do better, and to be the best version of myself.

It was at LAX Airport when I encountered this man. I do not remember what he looks like nor got to know his name. But his action left a lifetime impression on me. For some his action may be small, but to me it was the beginning of my journey as a Peace Corps volunteer. 

Before we departed LAX, myself and other volunteers were in seek of “cheap” alcoholic beverages that isn’t wine or beer. We ended up at a bar upstairs of the food court.

“I cannot believe we’re doing this.”

“Tomorrow we’ll be in Indonesia to start our service.” 

“This is it.”

Those were just some of the words that left our lips as we waited for our Jack Daniels. When our drinks arrived, we eagerly took a shot each. Our excitement–not just because of the drinks–but because we’re leaving soon echoed in the bar. 

When we were ready to pay with the money Peace Corps budgeted us ($140 for Staging), the bartender informed us that our drinks has been paid for by an anonymous generous person. Even though the bartender would not tell us, we knew exactly who it was.; it was the man sitting next to us. A complete stranger paid for our drinks. A small gesture it may seem, but really had an impact on me like wha I’ve said. Something about his action stayed with me until now. For me I think it’s the willingness to share what you have, to celebrate each other’s victories, and lastly to show that you are never alone in life. What he did back there at the airport is what I am trying to do here in Indonesia–why I decided to join Peace Corps, especially do my service here in Indonesia. 

To that anonymous generous man, thank you. Because your small gesture has made a very positive impact on myself. And I know for sure that I will carry this throughout my service and after.

*PS: I wrote this post halfway through PST and just now posting it.


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